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Saturday September 25, 2010
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  600 East Boulevard
  Elkhart, Indiana 46514
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Elkhart Medical Organization: is a locally owned and operated healthcare network that offers area employers an affordable network of doctors, hospitals, and other health providers to help meet the healthcare needs of their employees.

Leading businesses, in the northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan service area, have selected quality healthcare accessed using EMO as their managed care network.

Here's how we help:

1. Control Healthcare Cost. EMO negotiates fair contracts with our provider network to ensure that the fees charged to our members who receive care are minimized.

2. Assure Quality of Care. We maintain rigorous standards of excellence that must be met before any individual or organization may join our provider network. Credentials and performance records are carefully scrutinized and continually monitored by EMO staff.

3. Choice. We know this is often the deciding factor in selecting a managed care plan.
Click here and you'll see that our extensive provider list includes more than a thousand physicians, other health professionals and facilities serving northern Indiana and southwest Michigan. The network also includes doctors and hospitals in Cleveland, Indianapolis and Chicago.
Click here to see a map of our coverage area.

Controlled cost. High quality of care. Choice. Three reasons why the number of employers and employees choosing EMO has grown dramatically since the network began in 1995.

Note: Participating providers are independent contractors, not employees of Elkhart Medical Organization.


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