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Addictionology: Treatment of conditions related to the physical and/or mental dependence on an agent (e.g., drugs, alcohol, etc.). Neonatology/Perinatologest: Treatment of an infant immediately preceding and during the first six weeks after birth.
Allergy/Immunology: Treatment of allergic conditions and diseases of the immune system. Nephrology: Treatment of diseases and disorders of the kidney.
Anesthesiology: Administration of an agent to induce a loss of sensation. Used to eliminate or reduce pain in surgery or other painful procedures. Neurology: Treatment of diseases and disorders of the nervous system and brain.
Cardiology: Treatment of conditions of the heart and the associated blood vessels. Neurosurgery: Surgical treatment of diseases and disorders of the nervous system and brain. See Surgery/Neurology
Cardio-Thoracic Surgery: Surgery procedures involving the lungs, heart and great vessels of the chest. Obstetrics/Gynecology: Care and treatment of women during pregnancy, labor and delivery/Treatment of diseases of the female reproductive organs.
Cardiovascular: Relating to the heart and blood vessels. See Surgery/Cardiovascular Oncology: Treatment of multiple types of tumors.
Chiropractic: The attempt to restore normal function of the nervous system by manipulation and treatment of the structures of the body. Occupational Medicine: Treatment of injuries caused in a work-related setting.
Colorectal Surgery: Surgical treatment of the large intestine and rectum. See Surgery/Colorectal Ophthalmology: Treatment of diseases and disorders of the eye.
Cosmetic Surgery: See Surgery/ Plastic Optometry: Eye examination and vision correction.
Counseling/Mental Health: Treatment of emotional and mental processes and related behaviors generally performed by a clinical social worker. Orthopedics: Surgical and/or medical treatment of the skeletal system and associated structures.
Critical Care Medicine: Hospitalized treatment for critical or life threatening illnesses. Pain Management: Identification and control of pain through evaluation of the cause and duration.
Dermatology: Treatment of skin disorders and diseases. Pathology: Clinical evaluation of changes in body tissue and organs, which cause or are caused by disease.
Ear, Nose, Throat (Otolaryngology): Treatment of ear, nose, throat and conditions related thereto. Pediatrics: Treatment of medical conditions of newborns and children.
Emergency Medicine: Treatment of acute injuries or conditions requiring immediate short term attention. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Treatment and restoration of normal physical functions after illness or injury, with the goal of self-sufficiency.
Endocrinology: Treatment of conditions of the internal secreting glands, including pituitary, parathyroid, thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, ovaries and/or testes. Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery: Surgical repair or reconstruction to restore or modify the body. See Surgery/ Plastic/Reconstructive
Family Practice: General medical care for all age groups. Podiatry: Treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle.
Family Practice with Obstetrics: General medical care for all age groups, including Obstetrical care. Psychiatry: Treatment of conditions classified as mental disorders by a Medical Doctor.
Gastroenterology: Treatment of stomach and intestinal conditions. Psychology: Treatment of the mind and mental processes affecting behaviors. Practitioner holds a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Psychology.
General Surgery: General operative treatment of diseases, injuries and deformities. See Surgery/General Pulmonology: Treatment of diseases of the lungs.
General/Vascular Surgery: General operative procedures as listed above, but also include blood vessels. See Surgery/General/Vascular Radiology: Diagnostic tool using various types of imaging equipment.
Geriatric Medicine: Treatment of conditions relating to aging and diseases of the elderly. Radiology/Nuclear Medicine: Use of internal radioisotopes for treatment of various conditions.
Gynecologic Oncology: Cancer treatment of the female reproductive system. Radiation Oncology: Treatment of various types of tumors through use of specialized radiation equipment.
Hand Surgery: Surgical reconstruction and repair of injuries to the hands. See Surgery/Hand Rheumatology: Treatment of disorders and diseases of the connective tissues and joints.
Hematology/Oncology: Treatment of diseases of the blood and blood forming tissues. Treatment of multiple types of tumors. Social Worker/Clinical Social Worker: See Counseling/Mental Health.
Hepatology: Study of the liver and its diseases. Thoracic Surgery: Surgical treatment of the part of the body between the neck and the diaphragm. See Surgery/Thoracic
Hospitalist: A physician specializing in hospitalized patients. Urgent Care Medicine: Immediate treatment for non-emergency, but serious, conditions.
Infectious Disease: Treatment of diseases spread through contact with an infected source. Urology: Treatment of disorders of the urinary tract.
Internal Medicine: Treatment of adult internal conditions.

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